Texas Right of Way Service

How We Work

Stateside Right of Way is a certified Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) by the state of Texas and a certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE/WBE) by the North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency. Stateside was established in Dallas, Texas, and we’ve managed and worked many high-profile road, transportation and utility projects across the state.

Our goals are to manage land acquisition programs in accordance with the highest professional standards, to work conscientiously to minimize the stress on everyone involved in the process –  from public agency personnel, to those who must sell their property or relocate for the benefit of the general public – while at the same time respecting our fiduciary duties in the use of public funds.

The Stateside Process

We are extremely proud of our low condemnation rate. Our agents use a variety of techniques to acquire property – each designed specifically to the parcel, the owner and the issues at hand. We’ve found that an informed landowner is typically a more cooperative landowner, so communication is key to keeping all parties moving in the same direction. We believe that kindness and listening can solve many landowner issues.

Stateside has made and maintained long-term relationships with many of our clients over the years due to our professionalism, ability to deliver a high-quality product while maintaining a positive public image, and ability to stay on or ahead of schedule. Staying on schedule is very important to us and we achieve this in several ways, by:

  • Planning and preparing ahead of time.
  • Being prepared for title issues by reviewing the commitments as they are being delivered by the title company.
  • Staying in contact with the appraiser during the evaluation phase to see if there are issues that may require additional acquisition efforts.
  • Learning the project to enable the client, acquisition agents, relocation agents, title and appraiser to begin addressing issues before they affect the schedule.

Stateside Right of Way Services provides the following activities that are customarily conducted to acquire property interests: Appraisal services, acquisition offers, administrative settlements, negotiations, closing packages, title services, closing services, relocation assistance, condemnation packages, condemnation support services, right of way clearance, disposal of property, file documentation, document control, progress reports, project administration and management, quality management, database management, status reports and status meetings as required by TxDOT.

The Stateside Team

Our team is composed of professionals whose skills are directly related to specific project needs. President and program manager, Diane Burkhardt Valek, has been a Texas resident for more than 20 years. She has an outstanding track record of putting together remarkable teams who work well together for the success of the project. Our team has combined right of way experience of more than 100 years, and we take great pride in our strongest asset, our right of way staff. All staff are full-time employees who live and work in the Texas Triangle Megaplex area (DFW, Austin and Houston). With our unsurpassed local presence, Stateside Right of Way Services has the capacity to deliver projects using our in-house team. Providing right of way service is all we do.

Our team approach includes bringing together the most qualified group of real estate professionals and support staff. The team is coordinated by a strong team leader who understands right of way from design to construction, as well as the significant role of the many disciplines involved in a successful project.

Through our process, we eliminate trial and error situations by consistently combining innovative techniques with practical experience, delivering an effective project completed on time and within budget.

If you’d like a consultation on your project, contact us today.


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