Genna Banta

"Diane Burkhardt Valek and Stateside Right of Way Services, LLC wins my highest approval. I would hire her in a second if I needed someone who is knowledgeable, personable, fair, consistent, hardworking, and gives excellent service. I was surprised and anxious when I was initially contacted about a property I owned being condemned by eminent domain through the Transportation Authority of Fort Worth. When I called and spoke to Ms. Burkhardt, she answered all my questions honestly and thoroughly. And even though I did not like the answers she was giving me, because I really liked that rental property and the property made very good money for me, I trusted that what Ms. Burkhardt said was true because she was graceful, calm and sincere under situations that were pressured and intense. During the time I was waiting for my appraisal, Ms. Burkhardt answered every one of my emails and everyone of my calls expeditiously. She almost picked up the phone every time I called and ifnot, l received a prompt return message. Again, she answered every one of my questions. Even though I was truly sad to see a property taken from me after I had spent so much time and money fixing it up, I did receive a very fair appraisal. Not only that, Ms. Burkhardt understood my feelings of not wanting to have to sell the property. She ended up finding a way to let me keep all of materials from the property and even arranged for me to move my house should I have decided to do so. Truly, Ms. Burkhardt made an uncomfortable and even possibly contentious situation into a graceful transaction and transition. Frankly, I am a big fan of Diane Burkhardt. As an attorney and business owner, I know what it takes to make good things happen Ms. Burkhardt has got what it takes; she is fabulous."

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