Karen Chavis

"I would like to take time out to thank Lisa Roberts, Danyelle Donnelly, Briana Miller and the two young men I am sorry I can't remember their names, especially the nice young man that closed with me on the house here in Temple, 6210 Ambrose Circle. These are remarkable people and they do their jobs very well. The professionalism, caring, patience, concern you must have within to be able to have, painful, stressful, situations with homeowners, such as myself. They all gave me hope when I did not, nor could not; see anything but a dark situation of having my own home. I especially would like to thank Miss Diane Valek, WOW, what a dynamic woman. I will never forget what all you guys did for me and I thank God for each and every one of you. You were my hope and my future. Thank YOU." Karen Chavis Landowner, City of Temple

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