Travis Shackleford

"Please consider this as a recommendation letter for Ms. Carrie Caloway. I have been associated with Ms. Calloway during my participation on the METRO Solutions Light Rail Expansion Project since May 2008. Ms. Caloway was employed as a right-of-way agent for METRO. She provided invaluable assistance with the landowners and our environmental negotiations. I have found Ms. Caloway to be a knowledgeable and highly competent real estate professional. Further, I have found her to be a pleasant individual to work with and who is devoted to providing her employer with a good product in a timely fashion. I would recommend her for any position that you feel she is qualified for with your firm. Should we have need of her services I would not hesitate to hire her. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 281-923-9749 should you wish to further discuss this individuals qualities and skills." Travis Shackleford - Project Manager Western Advantage Inc.

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